Program Protocols and Expectations



 We aim to provide a safe environment for our campers but it is vital that both campers and parents follow the regulations in place. These guidelines were created in order to keep both our staff and camp families safe. Families who fail to comply with our camp rules will be asked to leave immediately. 


  • Pack one (1) backpack with lunch, snacks, sunscreen, and a water bottle
  • CMPR will NOT be providing snacks; water fountains are off limits
  • Do NOT send your camper with any toys, books, supplies, or electronics from home that doesn’t have to do with school
  • Make sure that your camper has applied sunscreen and gone to the bathroom prior to arriving at camp 
  • Campers should be picked up/ dropped off by the same parent or guardian as often as possible
  • Pack your camper with masks (we recommend packing more than one in case one gets dirty)
  • School device fully charged and charging cord
  • Complete the COVID screening for their child



  • ·         You MUST complete and turn in the health and safety waiver prior to dropping off your camper on the first day of camp
  • o    We will NOT accept any physical copies of these forms 
  • ·         You MUST check your child's temperature and complete COVID screening prior to arriving at camp 


  • ·         Due to the health and safety of our staff no parent or guardian will be allowed on campus at any time. You may NOT enter our facility. 
  • ·        TIP: Our new pick up/ drop off has changed. We recommend that parents park near the Town Park parking lot and walk towards the portables from that direction. Our program will be the first portable closest to the grass. Staff will be waiting outside to greet campers and parents 
  • ·         Please be patient, allow time for proper check in procedures of each camper 


  • Park OFF SITE and walk to campus
  • Inform the staff member who you are picking up and prepare to show ID 
    • If a staff member is not outside present for pick up please call the main phone 415-927-6723
  • Patiently wait for staff to bring your child outside the gate 
  • If you are picking up prior to our designated pick up time of 6:30 we ask that you fill out the pick special pick up/ drop off form in advance 


  • Must have appropriate temperature (100.3* or under) to participate per Camp Guidelines 
  • Keep your mask on at all times!
  • Do not touch any other campers while at camp & do not touch camp counselors while at camp o If your sibling is in camp with you, you may have contact with them 
  • Do your best to keep 6 feet between you and other campers at all times 
  • Line up on floor markers (spaced 6 feet apart) when waiting to wash your hands 
  • At snack or lunch breaks, maintain 6 feet from your fellow campers as much as possible 
  • Use only your own tools and supplies at your own desk, do not borrow or take from others o If you need extra supplies, ask your camp counselor to get it for you 
  • Wear clean clothing every day. Do not wear the same clothes without washing. Exception of shoes, hats, eye glasses, or another required item. 
  • There will be scheduled times for restrooms. If you need to use the restroom outside of scheduled time, ask your counselor who will then ask the designated Camp Manager to take you to the restroom individually. 
  • Do not bring any toys, books, or supplies from home o Do not share any food or beverages with other campers o Listen to your counselors 
  • Be patient 
  • Wash your hands before and after each activity 
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds or longer using the hand washing song! 
  • No hitting, no pushing 
  • Treat your fellow campers with respect & use appropriate language and subject matter at all times