REC inc - Adults with Developmental Disabilities              "Everyone Deserves a Life"

In 2020 the Corte Madera Recreation Department stepped in to save all the REC Inc programs. This Town is taking on the unprecedented move in making these programs part of their permanent programing line-up.

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Email the Recreation Department and ask for a REC Inc Calendar!

REC Inc. programs do not have staff to monitor or control behavior. If clients need
assistance, please have them bring a caregiver. Clients are allowed to come and go at will

During COVID, all our programs were on Zoom. As of Fall 2022 we have began bringing back our in-person programs.

Virtual Programs

Art All Around w/Daniel Potter      

Bring paper & pencils and whatever else you like to draw and color with.

When:  4th Friday of every month (off Nov & Dec)  This program may move to the 2nd Friday of each Month soon
Time: 7PM - 8PM
Where: Same link EVERY TIME
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 850 6970 8760               Meeting Passcode: 111

In-Person Programs

Basketball for Winners 

Be a member of the Seals. Everyone plays - we adapt the game to our players’ abilities. The Seals play community members, families, police & fire departments, community service groups, and celebrities like comedian Michael Pritchard.

Dates: Mondays, Winter/Spring 2024: 1/30–3/25 (except 2/19)    Summer 2024: off       Fall 2023: Oct 2- Nov 13
Time: 6:35PM - 8:00PM
Where: Neil Cummins Gym, 58 Mohawk Avenue, Corte Madera
Price: $5 drop in OR get a full session discount: $21 for 7 week season  - FREE to come and watch & socialize!!

3rd Friday Dance - A different theme every month! 

This is an excellent opportunity to meet some new folks, catch up with friends, and have a great time. With the wild music of Ebony Slam by Feeve you’ll want to dance! Learn group dances like the Cha Cha Slide. We have Pop-a-Shot Basketball and an art station if you feel like drawing.  Marin’s Best will provide Art Stations during the dance: February, April, June, July, September, & November! 

Dates: 3rd Friday of Every Month except January      (January dance will be held at Marin Catholic Gym)
Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM
Where: Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, CM
Price: $4 (PLEASE BRING EXACT CHANGE)    sodas & snacks: $1 each 

Lions Club 

Members of this special chapter of the international charitable organization: perform community service, Serve as REC Inc's Advisory Board, act as officers, plan fun special events, and visit other Lions Clubs for their dinner meetings. Watch our film at click here!

Dates: 1-2 meetings a month. (Club members are currently trying different days of the week and locations)
Time: 6:00PM - 6:30PM (social time) 6:30PM - 7:30PM (meeting)
Where:  Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, CM   Plus  Norhtgate Mall during Movie Mall Night
Price: Free to visit. $50 initial fee to join & $35 for each 6 month membership.

Party Night

Meet and socialize with your peers. This is it! New coordinator Steph Suess has made this the place to be. Each themed night includes a music, photo booth, snack, art to try and Themed Bingo!. Dress to match each party's theme!

Dates: 4th Friday of most months. Email us for exact dates: 

  • February: Valentine’s  
  • March: St. Patrick’s    
  • April: Spring Fling     
  • May: Fiesta!    
  • August: Beach Theme Summer Fun!
  • September/Everyone’s Birthday! October: Halloween Bash
  • October: Halloween!
  • OFF: June, July, November, December, January

Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
PLEASE RSVP at least a week before each Party! or leave a message at 415-523-9225
Drop-ins are fine as we usually have room. Parties take up to 35 clients.
Where: Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera
Price: $6 per party - please bring exact change.

Sports Night  

3 Wacky Sports per night! SOOOOO much fun. FREE thanks to our coaches the fabulous Herz Family!! Feel free to bring a pal who just wants to watch and be social. We bought so many different types of sports gear! Come play:

  • Giant Bowling 
  • Hockey 
  • Wiffleball 
  • Giant Badminton 
  • Cage Ball 
  • Basketball 
  • And MORE!

Dates: Mondays,  8/14 - 9/25 (off 9/4)       4/15 - 5/20  
Time: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Where: Neil Cummins Gym, 58 Mohawk Avenue, Corte Madera

Mall/Movie Night (Offered through the Champions Lions Club)  

GREAT chance to socialize. Come to the Food Court at Northgate Mall to meet a gang of friends, see a movie (or not) and grab dinner at the food court or bring a bag dinner. This program has little supervision; you must be able to get your own dinner, sit through a movie, leave, and meet transportation without assistance.

Dates: 1st Fridays
Time: Drop in any time between 4:00PM - 7:30PM (people often arrive after 5:00PM & all leave by 7:30PM)
Where: Northgate Food Court, tables near the wall across from Sbarro Pizza, 5800 Northgate Mall, San Rafael
Price: Prices are set by the theaters and restaurants (bring a bag dinner!).

Be Healthy!  ON HOLD

Almost all our members have lost weight and are keeping it off! Dixie James leads with weekly charismatic, inspirational talks, workout challenges, and healthy food discussions. Lose weight with the support of friends. Learn about nutrition and getting fit.

Dates: Tuesdays
Time: 4:30PM – 6:00PM (includes a gentle movement section)
Where: Corte Madera Community Center, 498 Tamalpais Drive, Corte Madera
Price: $55.00 for each 11-week session, we will pro-rate and you can start a session at any time! 

***** REC Inc. programs do not have staff to monitor or control behavior. If clients need assistance, please have them bring a caregiver. Clients are allowed to come and go at will.*****