Corte Madera Residence Inn

Reneson Hotels, owners and operators of the Best Western Corte Madera Inn, propose to demolish the existing hotel and construct a new 149-room, approximately 118,000 square foot Marriott hotel.  On January 25, 2022 the Corte Madera Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing to review information, receive public comments, and consider making a recommendation to the Corte Madera Town Council regarding adoption of an IS/MND and applications by Reneson Hotels, Inc., including an Initial Study / Mitigated Negative Declaration to adopt the recommendations to minimize significant impacts of the project; Conditional Use Permit and Hotel FAR Bonus to allow the hotel use and the additional floor area; and Preliminary and Precise Plans (including Design Review and Sign Permit). Application materials, environmental documents, and information about prior meetings can be found below.

Planning Commission Public Hearing January 25, 2022


Environmental documents