Program FAQ


  1. Q: What is the temperature threshold for admitting a child into camp?

A: 99.9 degrees - if temperature is 100 degrees or higher, the child will not be admitted or will have to leave camp immediately.

  1. Q:  If someone becomes sick, will we be notified?

A:  Yes, absolutely. In the event a camper becomes sick during camp, we will remove the camper immediately from the room, place them in an isolated room, contact the parents for pick-up immediately and then proceed with contacting the parents of the other campers in the camp.

  1. Q: If kids are supposed to maintain 6 feet apart all day, what are they going to be doing?

A: We have configured all of the camp to create as much social distancing as possible. Rooms are set up so that each camper will have a dedicated desk spaced 6 feet apart from a fellow camper. Activities, games, arts, and crafts have been altered to be more individual based activity in an effort to keep campers as socially distant as possible while still having fun and engaged. They will receive their own activity packs when doing arts and crafts activities.

  1. Q: How many staff will be in contact with my child throughout camp?

A: There will be two staff in the room at all times. Since we are providing all day childcare, a total of 4 counselors will be assigned to a designated classroom for the total 3-week camp session to minimize exposure with other campers. Co-directors Xanat and Alex will be overseeing the camp.

  1. Q: Are parents allowed to watch the camp classrooms (at a distance)?

A: No, at this time parents and other spectators and visitors are not allowed at the summer camp. Parents/guardians shall drop off and pick up children at staggered times to prevent congregating of any groups of parents/guardians.

  1. Q: How many children can attend the summer camp?

A: All childcare and summer camp operations must be carried out in stable groups consisting of 12 or fewer children. We will be creating classrooms consisting of 12 campers. The same 12 children will remain in the same group each day for the 3-week session.

  1. Q: Can my child attend simultaneous summer camps or sports camps?

A: Children may not attend more than one childcare establishment, summer camp, or sports camp simultaneously. This means that if any child is attending any childcare establishment, summer camp, or sports camp, that child may NOT enroll in another unless or until they have permanently stopped attending the first.

  1. Q: What if I have multiple children in my household who want to attend different summer camps or sports camps?

A: Parents from the same family or household unit should seriously consider enrolling their children in the same summer or sports camp. However, it is not required that children from the same family or household unit attend the same camp.

  1. Q: Do children need to wear masks at camp?

A: Yes, all children attending our program are required to wear masks at all times regardless of age.

  1. Q: Does summer camp staff personnel need to wear masks or face coverings?

A: Yes, all camp staff members will be required to wear a mask or face covering at all times throughout their shift.

  1. Q: Are you able to hold outdoor activities?

A: Yes, it is highly encouraged to do as many activities outdoors as possible. Outdoor activities or sports with shared equipment will only be played within the same stable group of 14 children.