Expedited Permitting for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In compliance with Assembly Bill 1236, the Town of Corte Madera has adopted Ordinance No. 997, creating an expedited permit process for qualifying Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.   The streamlined process applies to all Level 2 charging stations (220v) and up to three Level 3 (fast charging) stations. Please note that any signage related to the charging station (typically in the case of commercial charging stations) is limited to station identification or use instructions.  Advertising signage is subject to the regulations of the Town’s Sign Ordinance (Chapter 18.22 of the Corte Madera Municipal Code).

In order to apply for the streamlined permit process, print and complete the forms provided in the links below.  All applicable forms must be completed in their entirety.  Please submit your application materials to the Town of Corte Madera Building Department along with a completed building (electrical) permit application and a plan review fee of $180 (see How to Apply for a Building Permit). The plans will be reviewed over-the-counter. The Building Division will identify any information needed to complete the application, or may issue the necessary permits for complete applications that comply with all applicable codes.

Required submittals:

  1. Expedited Permit Process Guidelines
  2. Expedited Permit Application Checklist
  3. Electrical Load Calculator (for single-family installations where existing electrical panel load is unknown)
  4. All applicable permit forms under Submittal Documents Required