Variable Frequency Drives Replacement at Paradise Drive Pump Station

The project replaced Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) which are what run the sanitary sewer pumps at the Paradise Drive Pump Station. The updates included:

  • Fowler Electric and Control System West replaced three aging Pump Variable Frequency Drives for the large 300 HP. 
  • The VFD control PG&E power to the pumps to allow them to run at the correct flow and speeds for the required matching sewer flows
  • Power frequency harmonics of the system were tested to ensure the pump system works smoothly. 

Status: Completed  

Project Type(s): Sanitary District 

Construction Schedule: If you still have questions regarding this work, please contact Fernanda Stefanick at (415) 927-5792 or Pippin Cavagnaro of Nute Engineering at (415) 453-4480 ext 203. Or email Fernanda at or Pippin at

Replacement at Paradise Drive Pump Station

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