2020 Accessibility Improvement Project

This webpage is a combined project information portal for the following three related upcoming Town Projects:

       1. 2020 Accessibility Improvement Project

  • Includes curb ramps, crack seal, and dig-outs
  • Construction complete
  • Starting in Mariner Cove, moving to Westward and Windward neighborhoods, then to Madera Del Presidio, and finishing off at Pixley and Madera intersections

        2. Pixley Avenue and Redwood Avenue Crossing Improvements

  • Enhancements as part of 2020 Accessibility Improvement Contract
  • Initiated by Safe Routes to Schools Task Force
  • Construction complete

        3. 2020 Preventative Maintenance Project

  • Incorporates inter-jurisdiction collaboration with Mill Valley and San Anselmo to deliver region-wide improvements for cost savings and quality delivery
  • Under construction
  • Construction to resume early summer 2021
  • Tentative Street Schedule

The 2020 Accessibility Improvement Project will satisfy compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 by installing 65 accessible curb ramps at required street corners (Images 1-3) and will also prepare the existing roadways by installing crack seal and asphalt “digout” repairs in advance of the next 2020 Preventative Maintenance “slurry seal” Project so that it can be completed in 2021 (Image 4). To visit the "slurry seal" FAQ page, please click here

In summer of 2019, Public Works applied for multiple Safe Pathways grants to improve facilities around Town. One of these successful grant applications was to provide Pixley Avenue and Redwood Avenue Crossing Improvements, (Image 5). In addition, in response to a growing number of requests for pedestrian safety enhancements along Madera Blvd. between Tamalpais Dr. and Monona Dr. staff developed select multimodal improvements (Images 6 & 7) for this location as well. All of these intersection pedestrian safety improvements are included in the 2020 Accessibility Improvement Project. For more information, contact Jared Barrilleaux jbarrilleaux@tcmmail.org for follow-up questions.  

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