Building Division Protocol

Updated June 22, 2021

  • The Town will continue to accept new building permit applications and will review completed applications, including performing requisite plan checks. All application submittals will be processed electronically. Please review new submittal requirements here.
  • The Town’s Building Official has authorized Town building inspectors to make determinations that inspections can be conducted safely at their sole discretion.

Please contact the Building Division with any questions regarding these new protocols at 415-927-5062, or use our website for information on how to access Building Division services during this time. 

When emailing the Building Division, please be aware that these unprecedented times have caused our Building Division to shift from an in-person submittal, to a newly established electronic submittal process. During this time, we are being inundated with emails and phone calls concerning the permit process and the status of applications. Staff will continue to respond to emails and phone calls as soon as possible. We request your patience as we continue to navigate through these challenging times.