Submittal Requirements


Please read information about New Protocol for Permits and Inspections 
before deciding to submit.

How to Submit Building Permit Applications

The Building Department normally accepts permit applications in person during regular counter hours or electronically as outlined below. Please note that the public counter is currently closed, and all applications shall be submitted electronically until in-person hours are reinstated. For the fastest service, please read all of the instructions below, and contact staff with questions.

Submittal Documents Required:

  1. Building permit application completed in its entirety, signed by the licensed contractor, legal property owner, or their authorized agent, accompanied with the following when applicable:
    • If the applicant is not the license holder, then the Agent Authorization form shall be completed and signed by the license holder, which allows the applicant to act on the licensed contractor’s behalf.
    • If the applicant is the property owner, an Owner-Builder Acknowledgement form shall also be supplied.  Not all permit types are eligible to be issued as "Owner-Builder". Please check with staff.
    • Applications at Town Center or the Village: Mall and Landlord approval is required at time of application. Authorization to apply from mall management is required (use the Owner’s Agent Authorization form). Additionally, Mall and Landlord approval is required on the plans or by letter specifically referencing the plans at the time of application. For all other commercial tenant improvements: Landlord approval is required.
  2. Public Works Supplemental Worksheet
  3. Credit card authorization form for payment of plan check deposit and/or for permit fees.  Please contact staff if you’d like to use a different method of payment or would like to discuss plan check deposit or permit fees.
  4. Many applications require architectural plans or other drawings and construction documents to be submitted. Once your submittal documents have been reviewed and accepted by staff, instructions for plan upload will be provided. Please read through our Handouts to make sure your plans are not missing required information.

How to Sign Documents and Plans:

  • Application forms and documents may be printed and wet signed off-site, and then scanned and saved as a PDF. Or, use the DocuSign feature.
  • Stamped and signed plans, calculations, or other professional documents shall be signed by the professional in responsible charge. An electronic stamp and signature is allowed so long as a letter, wet stamped and signed, is sent by US mail to the Town, attesting that the plans and documents supplied have been electronically stamped and signed. Alternatively, a DocuSign-type feature may be used on your plans.

How to Submit Your Application, Documents, and Plans:

  • The above submittal documents shall be completed, signed, and submitted as an attachment to an email to  You will receive a response from staff with further instructions or requirements, or confirmation of receipt. When contacting the Building Department, please be aware that these unprecedented times have caused our Building Department to shift from an in-person submittal, to a newly established electronic submittal process.  During this time, we are being inundated with emails and phone calls concerning the permit process and the status of applications.  We are working hard to develop a process to issue permits, while at the same time evaluating which projects are deemed essential as defined in the Order.  Please consider the nature of your inquiry, and whether it is essential construction as defined in the Order. Staff will continue to respond to emails and phone calls as soon as possible. We request your patience as we continue to navigate through these challenging times. Staff has received your email and is working as quickly as possible to provide a response. 
  • After review and acceptance of submittal documents, you will receive separate instructions on how to upload plans and construction documents (if applicable).

Plan Review and Issuance

Upon acceptance of your application/submittal documents and construction plans, your application will be reviewed by building department plan reviewers, if plan review is required. 

Basic Permits (permits that do not require comprehensive plan review): Basic permits without associated plans (ie, electrical service panel changes, water heaters, re-roofs, etc) will be processed within approximately 10 business days. The applicant will receive an email approving permit issuance, and detailing which Issuance Documents (see below) are required prior to issuance. The issued permit is mailed directly to the applicant.

Permits that require Plan Review:

  • After initial plan review has been completed, comments and corrections from the various departments reviewing your plans will be emailed to the applicant. Instructions for resubmittal will be provided with the correction letter. 
  • When a permit that requires plan review is approved and ready for issuance, the applicant will receive an email which will include any special requirements and a balance due (less plan check deposit, if any).
  • Approved plans will be provided to the applicant as a PDF. A hard copy of approved plans must be kept on the job site at all times. A full size set of the approved plans can be printed by the applicant, or the Town can print a copy for the applicant at their cost.

Documents Required Prior to Issuance

Permits approved for issuance must also meet the requirements of "essential work" as detailed in the current Shelter in Place Order (dated 3/18/20) as interpreted by the Building Official and Director of Planning and Building. When your permit is ready for issuance you will be asked to complete and sign the following forms. Refer to the "How to Sign Documents" section above for more information.

  1. Declaration and Acknowledgement form. All declarations, including contractor’s license, worker’s compensation, and the affirmation to comply with the ordinances and laws must be signed.
  2. Project Safety Protocol Acknowledgment. Acknowledging the job site safety requirements set forth in the Marin Count Shelter in Place Order - Appendix B-1, effective May 4, 2020
  3. Public Works Acknowledgment Form.
  4. Construction Management and Parking Agreement.
  5. The contractor’s Town of Corte Madera Business License must be up to date prior to issuance. Submit the business license form for new or renewal of business licenses.
  6. A new credit card authorization form may be required to pay permit fees (balance due, less plan check deposit, if any). For your protection, the original completed credit card form would not be retained by the Town.