Contractors Listing

The Town of Corte Madera does not collect contractor information for residents to use. However, the Town, along with Central Marin Fire, work closely with FIRESafe Marin which does provide a contractors listing. Their website states: 

"FIRESafe MARIN provides a listing of local "Firewise" contractors, service providers, designers, and manufacturers who meet basic qualifications and have undergone local training to provide wildfire hazard reduction, construction, or design services to Marin residents. 

This listing is intended as a guidance tool for homeowners.  Always request multiple bids from providers, and interview potential contractors. FIRESafe MARIN does not guarantee that the contractors are qualified to perform requested work, and advises residents to verify that any services provider has current licenses and carries adequate insurance."

The Town of Corte Madera and Central Marin Fire suggest you visit the FIRESafe Marin webite and check out their Contractors Listing which includes information for contractors who provide vegetation management, firescaping, home hardening and design, planning and consulting services. To go directly to the Contractors Listing page, please go to: