Hotel Floor Area Bonus Ordinance

The Town of Corte Madera adopted Ordinance 995 on June 16, 2020 to amend the Zoning Ordinance, amending the permitted Floor Area Ratio for hotel uses in C-3, C-4, and MX Zoning Districts, through the creation of a Floor Area Bonus.  The Ordinance established a framework for permitting a floor area and height bonus for hotel development on lots greater than one acre in size within the C-3, C-4, or MX zoning districts provided that specific conditions and criteria related to site planning and design, environmental sustainability, community integration, and the public realm are met.  The bonus permits up to a maximum of .70 FAR where the existing maximum is .34 FAR. Staff reports, minutes and archived video from prior meetings are provided below.

June 16, 2020 Town Council Meeting

June 9, 2020 Town Council Meeting

May 26, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting

Environmental Documents

August 20, 2019 Town Council discussion

May 21, 2019 Town Council Public Hearing

April 9, 2019 Planning Commission Public Hearing

November 13, 2018 Planning Commission meeting

July 24, 2018 Planning Commission meeting

February 20, 2018 Town Council meeting