Organics Recycling Champions Recognition Program


What is the Organics Recycling Champions Recognition Program?

The Town of Corte Madera is recognizing businesses that understand the significance in recycling organic waste but most importantly, in making efforts to help the environment. 

Consumers Care About the Environment
In today’s society, most consumers have stated they are loyal to businesses and organizations with environmentally conscious practices, especially if the businesses are local. Knowing this, most businesses tend to change their practices to better attract consumers.  However, businesses are not always able to legitimize their environmentally friendly efforts. 

The intent of the ORC program is to help consumers identify environmentally friendly businesses within our Town and to recognize businesses that are compliant with AB 1826, and are working towards becoming a green business through environmentally friendly practices. 

How Does the ORC Program Help Your Business? 
  • You will receive recognition from the Town of Corte Madera in an official manner. What better way to be recognized than this? 
  • You will receive an ORC Window Decal that you can display in your business. This will tell consumers you care about the environment. Consumers love to support businesses who are friendly to the environment. 
  • You will be listed in the Town’s Directory of ORCs. This will tell consumers which businesses in Town have environmentally friendly practices. 
  • You will be promoted in the Town’s newsletter. We have hundreds of subscribers and the newsletter is also posted on Nextdoor where hundreds of neighbors share information.
  • You will have a Public Profile available on the Town’s website. If consumers are interested in finding more about you and your business, the information will be readily available for them to read. 

What You Need to Become an ORC
The following are mandatory requirements for the recognition:
  • You must sign up for organics or food composting service (must have proof, see details in the application)
  • You must train staff on the proper sorting of garbage, organics and recycling
  • You must have clearly labeled recycling and organics containers next to all garbage containers (front and back of house)
  • You must provide your compliance report with your application (see details in the application)
You must also meet 2 of the following:
  • Designate a staff recycling coordinator to take responsibility for monitoring and maintaining recycling and composting programs or practices.
  • Purchase paper, napkins, towels, toilet paper, etc. with post-consumer content
  • Make a good faith effort to reduce food waste by donating food (SB 1383), reducing the purchasing of food, or reducing garbage container sizes after right-sizing for the composting program initiation.  
  • Be a Marin County Certified Green Business. You can get more details about their program by clicking here
  • For coffee shops and convenience stores only:
    • Eliminate plastic water bottles
    • Provide straws and disposable beverage containers only on request
Lastly, you must provide a compliance report one year after application submission, and annually thereafter, to maintain status.

To view the Recognition Program Brochure, please click here
To download the Recognition Program Application, please click here.