Sports and Exercise

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  1. Aikido
  2. Capoeira
  3. Skateboarding
  4. Soccer
  5. Tennis
  6. Sword Play
  7. Yoga
  8. Golf

Aikido (Ages 4 - 5; Ages 6 - 8; Ages 9 - 13 and Ages 13-17)

Description: Aikido Kids of Tamalpais (AKT) is an empowering, fun, and enriching after-school martial arts program. A dojo is a multi-age, multi-rank, multidimensional learning environment. Never a dull moment! In an atmosphere that is supportive, safe, yet challenging, kids
have fun practicing how to focus and build their attention span, become flexible in motion, increase mindfulness, and learn to problem-solve authentically yet peacefully. Children learn how to roll and fall safely, how to quicken their response time, gain impulse control, as well as learn to embody quieting skills. In Aikido training kids learn how to shift from a reactive way of being to a responsive way of being. The most effective way to learn is to be relaxed, feel safe, and have a good time while being passionately involved. That is exactly what your child will
find at Aikido Kids of Tamalpais.             
Instructor: Chief Instructor Dolano Arthur Sensei, mother of three school-aged girls, has been training Aikido for over 28 years and holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt. Sensei is the founder of Aikido Kids of Tamalpais which serves students ages 4 - 17 years of age. Sensei has been a supporting staff member at Marin Academy High School and Del Mar Middle School. In addition, she has implemented Peace Coaching Programs at the elementary and middle school levels. Sensei's focus in these programs is on helping children advocate for themselves and each other in bully prevention and positive leadership models.