Science and Technology

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Science and Technology

Amazing Science

NEW Topics, New Lessons! Join us for a wide variety of kid-pleasing science topics, demonstrations, experiments, and hands-on activities, including chemistry, physics, geology, biology, paleontology, and many others! 

Glide gently with Butterflies. Puzzle out Petroglyphs and Pictographs. Hang ten in Tsunami Science. See through Optical Illusions. Learn how Refraction catches fish and makes rainbows. Get in the spirit of Halloween Science. Rock a Gem Dig. Take the pulse of Medical Check-up Science. And more! (Lessons subject to change.) 

All experiments are kid safe and fully supervised. All materials are included. Curriculum is age appropriate: older students lessons are more advanced and complex. (All lessons subject to change.)
Instructor: Amazing Science Staff

Ninjaneering with Lego (Ages 6 - 12)

Master the world of Ninjago by becoming a Ninjaneer! Tame the Ice Dragon, motorize your Blade Cycle, design the Dark Fortress, and hone your Spinjitzu battle skills! In this advanced LEGO camp, Ninjaneering masters will learn real world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture while exploring the fantasy world of Ninjago. 

Minecraft YouTubers

Learn what it takes to make epic Minecraft videos for YouTube like TheDiamondMinecart, CaptainSparklez, Stampy, and more! Whether you want to make a “Let’s Play” video, a funny skit, a build battle, or something even cooler, you’ll have the tools and expert help needed to make your dreams a reality! And all the while we’ll learn about internet safety so that when class is over, we can upload your video to YouTube!