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AARP Smart Driver Course
Sharpen your driving skills through the AARP-created “Smart Driver” program. This course was developed to help drivers 50 years or older adjust to age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time. Medication and its effects on driving will also be addressed. At the end of this course, a certificate of completion, which may save you money on auto insurance, will be given.

The 8 hour course is split between two days and is for those who have never taken the class before or have not taken the 4½ hour refresher course in the last three years. You must attend both classes to get a certificate.

The 4½ hour refresher course is for those who have taken 
either the 8-hour or 4½ hour course within the last three years.
Instructor: AARP staff
Location: Corte Madera Intergenerational  Center

*please note: If you arrive 15 minutes late or more you will not be allowed to take the class and no refund will be given*