Neighborhood Response Program

The Neighborhood Response Program aims to establish citizen–led disaster response teams in neighborhoods throughout Corte Madera and Larkspur. At present almost 20 Neighborhood Response Groups (NRGs) have been formed or are in process, all for the purpose of preparing to take care of themselves following a disaster. The program is motivated by “neighbor helping neighbor,” the well-proven idea that we are all willing and able to help if we are provided a method and the means.

The Twin Cities Disaster Preparedness Committee, an informal body co-chaired by Councilmembers from both Towns, supervises the NRG Program.

Its mission is to lead a unified effort to build disaster-resilience in our communities.

The City of Larkspur, Town of Corte Madera, the Central Marin Police Authority and the Fire Department endorse and support the NRG program. The model NRG program is presented to and handed off to neighborhoods to use, as they desire. The model is intended to be adapted and modified to suit each neighborhood’s risk profile and volunteer capabilities.

For more information go to the NRGMarin website or email nrgmarin

Laurie Rice currently directs the program and can be reached via email by clicking here

Click here to read "Marin Voice: Twin Cities neighborhoods have been getting organized", written by Lee and John Howard and published in the Marin Independent Journal on September 27, 2017.