Robin Drive - Residences at Preserve

Project Information

The Residences at Preserve is a proposal by AIMCO Robin Drive, L.P. for a new residential subdivision on vacant land on Robin Drive in eastern Corte Madera. Please view the items below for additional information.

The Project is located on an undeveloped parcel southeast of the corner of Paradise Drive and Robin Drive in the Town of Corte Madera (APN 038-011-21). The Project would develop the 5.93-acre lower portion of the overall 15.42-acre parcel. The upper (southern) portion of the parcel would remain undeveloped as private open space. A public access easement would be recorded to maintain a footpath that traverses the upper portion from Robin Drive in a north-south direction to Ring Mountain. The Project would construct rental housing consisting of 16 residential units, 8 accessory dwelling residential units, and accessory facilities including a private roadway, sidewalks, bridge, utilities, and landscaping as part of a Planned Development. In addition, the Project includes a Zoning Amendment to change the zoning overlay for the site.

Town Council

  • Town Council Resolutions of Approval dated 4/2/19: 
  • Watch the archived video of the April 2, 2019 Town Council Meeting
  • Staff Report for the April 2, 2019 Town Council Meeting (Staff Report only. Links to attachments are provided within the staff report) - dated 3/29/19

Planning Commission

Public Notices

Environmental Documents

Project Plans