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Corte Madera FC is committed to developing young soccer players and ensuring that they have a positive athletic experience. Corte Madera FC offers both a recreational and competitive program. Both are great options; what matters is finding the right fit for your child.   

If you have questions regarding the Corte Madera FC program, please feel free to email me. 

Frank Bonardi 
Director – Corte Madera FC

RAIN LINE - 415-927-5076

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The Corte Madera Parks and Recreation has a long a history of running a top-notch recreational soccer program. Over the last two years, the program has been revitalized and the number of youth soccer players playing in our community has greatly increased. In 2018, Corte Madera FC had over 1000 kids playing in the program.  

Corte Madera FC’s recreational program is committed to providing a fun, safe, and development focused soccer program to the Corte Madera community. Sponsored by the Corte Madera Park and Recreation, the Club is a community organization. Corte Madera FC promotes and develops the character of young athletes through the sport of soccer and encourages teamwork and sportsmanship.  

The Club’s recreational program offers small-sided games as mandated by U.S. Soccer.  

Costs and other information: 
$225 per player (Kinder-4th)  - $275 per player (5th-12th) 
Players that register AFTER June 13th will be wait listed.
Fee after June 13th:
$255 per player (kinder-4th) - $305 per player (5th-12th)

Sign ups for recreational soccer begin on April 15th. Those who register after June 13th will be wait listed.  
Players of all levels and ability are welcome!  
Recreational teams have one practice during the week and one game on the weekend. 
Practices begin the week of August 26th.  
Opening Day will be on Saturday, September 7th.  
Each recreational team will play a minimum of 8 games during the season.  
Coaches are parent volunteers 

Team Formation

Corte Madera FC forms teams and playing divisions by school grades rather than by age. Friendship requests will be taken into account when forming teams and we will make our best effort to accommodate these requests. Please understand that it is sometimes impossible to accommodate all requests!   

3rd and 4th Grade Teams

There is a possibility that the 3rd and 4th Grade teams will be playing games against teams from Mill Valley and Tiburon. This will mean that a few games will be in Mill Valley and Tiburon. For the last two years Tiburon teams have been playing in the Corte Madera Soccer League in the 2nd Grade Division. This has worked out extremely well, so we are seriously thinking of expanding that to include our  3rd and 4th Grade Divisions. A final decision will be made as we get closer to the season.

Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance (MISA)

Corte Madera FC is a member of the MISA. Established in 1996, MISA offers a recreational soccer league for teams in the U12 through U19 age groups. Membership in MISA is open to recreational soccer programs in Marin County and includes teams from Mill Valley Soccer Club, Tiburon Peninsula Soccer Club, Ross Valley Soccer Club, San Anselmo Recreational program, San Rafael Soccer, Dixie Youth Soccer Association, Corte Madera FC, and Novato Youth Soccer Association. Older recreational players from Corte Madera can now form local teams and compete in MISA.  

Teams that compete in MISA play an 11v11 format and have an 8-10 game season. Corte Madera teams competing in MISA play half of their games in Corte Madera and half of their games at other Marin County locations.

If you are interested in putting a MISA team together, please contact Frank Bonardi at 

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