Salary Resolutions & MOUs

Department Head Resolutions

Central Marin Fire Resolutions 

Confidential, Professional/Technical, and Mid-Management Employees Resolutions

  • Resolution No. 38/2021 (Adopted 07/20/2021)
  • Resolution No. 09/2021 (Adopted 03/02/2021 Amending Salary Schedule C to Include the Senior Accountant Position)
  • Resolution No. 02/2020 (Adopted 01/21/2020 Revising the Salary Schedule to Include Project Manager and Code Enforcement Officer and to Remove Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager
  • Resolution No. 41/2019 (Adopted 10/15/2019 Amended MOU for Mid-Management Group with Side Letters for Reimbursable Expenses, Mobile Technology Expense Allowance and Accounting for Holidays )
  • Resolution No. 09/2019 (Adopted 03/19/2019 Revising Salary Schedule for Director of Finance/Town Treasurer, Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager, Financial Analyst I&II, and Administrative Analyst)
  • Resolution No. 46/2018 (Adopted 08/21/2018 Amending Compensation Schedule B)
  • Resolution No. 43/2018 (Adopted 08/21/2018) 
  • Resolution No. 46/2015 (Adopted 12/01/2015) 

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Resolutions

Non-Classified Part Time Employee Resolutions

Town Manager Resolutions