The Finance Department accounts for the collection and disbursement of all monies; invests funds; provides numerous financial statements and reports on financial position; performs budgetary management; administers the position classification plan, job descriptions and associated salary plan; administers the employee compensation and benefit programs; administers the business license ordinance; assists the Town Manager in risk management and other general administrative functions.

********** NEW **********

Financial Transparency Portal: "Open Corte Madera" 

The Town of Corte Madera Finance Department has implemented the OpenGov software platform in order to provide transparency about our budget and finances. This interface allows the public to easily access information about the Town’s financial records such as revenues, expenditures, and the budget. The historical data included begins in fiscal year 2018-2019 through to the present, and is updated daily to include the most recent data available. 

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Typical functions include:

  • Administering the paramedic special tax, storm drainage special tax, sewer service charge and special assessments
  • Assisting other Town functions with clerical and computer operations
  • Assisting the public with information and referral
  • Assisting the Town Manager as required
  • Budget formulation and administration
  • Collecting revenues including business license taxes
  • Issuance of annual published financial statements
  • Maintaining general, revenue and expenditure ledgers
  • Management of town property
  • Operation of the town-wide networked computer system
  • Processing bills for payment
  • Processing changes to the position classification plan, job descriptions and associated salary plan
  • Processing purchase orders
  • Providing financial reports
  • Processing payroll, employee enrollments, and employee benefit programs
  • Providing monthly investment reports

Municipal Code

Corte Madera Municipal Code Chapter 2.12 Town Manager, Section 2.12.130 Financial Reports, Section 2.12.140 Budget, Section 2.12.145 Approval of Payrolls and Demands, Section 2.12.150 Purchasing Agent, and Section 2.12.155 Town Clerk, provide for the segregation of fiscal responsibilities between the budget, procurement, and disbursement functions and the treasury functions of Corte Madera Municipal Code Chapter 2.28, Department of Finance (Statutory provisions contained in California Government Code Sections 37202 through 37209 and Sections 40802 through 40805 and Section 40805.5).