Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager

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Lorena Barrera - Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager

Lorena Barrera was promoted to the Town’s Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager in late June 2023. Prior to that, Lorena served as an Administrative Analyst for over four years after having started as a Customer Service Representative with the Town of Corte Madera in late 2017. Before acquiring a job in local government, Lorena served as a Constituent Services Representative for a Member of Congress. She worked on policy analysis through her help with constituents who were dealing with federal and state administrative agencies and by acting as a facilitator and as an advocate for constituents.  

Lorena earned a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Sonoma State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of California, Merced. She was raised in Vallejo, California and now lives in Sonoma County. Lorena believes that public service is important for improving and strengthening communities and for influencing social change. Currently, she serves the Sonoma County community as an advocate working to address inequality and injustice issues related to law enforcement. In her free time, Lorena enjoys hikes, attending car shows, racing events and working on cars.                      

About the Administration Department

The Administration Department includes the positions of Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager and Town Clerk/Assistant to the Town Manager. Administration oversees the town's functions, and implements goals and objectives established by the Town Council. Administration also performs the Town Clerk and Council election functions. All recruitment, medical exams, and labor relations costs for the town are included in the Administration budget. 

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