Green Building Codes and Resources

The Town of Corte Madera has adopted green building codes that go above and beyond the State minimum standards. These codes are intended to promote the health, safety, and welfare of residents and ensure the long-term sustainability and livability of the Town by improving air quality and comfort and reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change.

Additionally, the Town encourages property owners planning construction projects to consider making voluntary energy efficiency and electrification upgrades as part of their project. Upgrades such as increasing insulation and replacing gas water and space heaters with electric heat pumps can reduce energy bills and improve building comfort.

New Construction

As of January 1, 2023, all newly constructed buildings in Corte Madera are required to be all-electric, with no natural (methane) gas infrastructure. This includes new residential, multifamily, and commercial buildings. Chapter 15.25 – All-Electric Construction in Newly Constructed Buildings in the Municipal Code details the full requirements of the ordinance.

The Town has also adopted additional electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure requirements for new construction to facilitate the adoption of EVs. These requirements vary by building type:

One- and Two-Family Residential with Private Garages

Install a dedicated 40 ampere, 240 volt circuit (CALGreen Measure A4.106.8.1, Tier 1).

Multifamily Residential

Of the total parking spaces provided, install the following:

  1. 85% Low Power Level 2 EV Ready Receptacles (20 ampere, 240 volt)
  2. 15% Level 2 EV Charging Stations (40 ampere, 240 volt)

Hotels and Motels

Of the total parking spaces provided, install the following:

  1. 35% Low Power Level 2 EV Ready Receptacles (20 ampere, 240 volt)
  2. 10% Level 2 EV Charging Stations (40 ampere, 240 volt)
  3. 10% Level 2 EV Capable

(CALGreen Measure A4., Tier 1).

Chapter 15.13 - Green Building Standards Code in the Municipal Code details the full EV infrastructure requirements for new construction.

Remodels and Additions

The Town has not adopted any additional energy efficiency or green building requirements that apply to remodels and additions. However, Town Staff are currently evaluating Marin County’s model reach codes for remodels and additions above and beyond the State CALGreen requirements. The County’s code requires:

  • Residential projects of 750 square feet or more to achieve additional energy savings through implementing a set of energy efficiency and/or electrification measures.
  • Residential projects that upgrade the main electrical service panel to be EV ready by providing necessary electrical infrastructure to support EV charging.
  • Multi-family and nonresidential properties that modify their parking lot or electrical service panel to install additional EV support infrastructure.

 To learn more and share your input on these potential code changes, visit the green building code updates project page.


Rebates and Tax Credits

Electrify Marin: The County of Marin offers rebates to single-family property owners for the replacement of natural gas appliances with efficient all-electric units, including water heaters, furnaces, ranges and cooktops. County staff are available to help guide residents through the process of planning for electrification and identifying incentives.

The Switch is On: Search by zip code to find rebates and tax credits for single- and multi-family energy upgrades. The website also offers a contractor search tool to help residents locate qualified contractors.

Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) Incentives: Learn about new federal rebates and tax credits for electrification, energy efficiency, and more with this calculator from Rewiring America.


MCE Clean Energy: Statement from our local electricity provider about how they are planning for an all-electric future.

Marin County Electric Home Guide: Learn about the benefits of electrification, how to plan for electrification, and types of efficient electric appliances in this guide from the Marin Community Development Agency.

Watt Diet Calculator: See if you can electrify without upsizing your electrical panel with this tool from Redwood Energy. Panel upgrades can add significant time and cost to home improvement projects, but through careful selection of efficient appliances and/or use of load sharing devices, upgrades may not be needed.