Community Development

The Department of Community Development, previously the Planning and Building Department, was created by the Corte Madera Town Council in February 2023 to be consistent with what other municipalities have done over the past several years.  The Town created the Department of Community Development as local communities have focused more time and effort on future growth and development with an eye towards improving economic sustainability and administering housing policy for their communities. The Department of Community Development handles topics related to planning, building, zoning, housing programs, code enforcement and economic development. 

The Building Division reviews building permit applications and plans for compliance with State and local building codes including structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and energy efficiency. The department also provides inspection and code enforcement services for all building related construction. Click here to visit the Building Division's webpage

The Planning Division is responsible for land use planning, implementation and maintenance of the Zoning Ordinance and General Plan, and facilitating the land use application review process, including staffing for the Planning Commission. Click here to visit the Planning Division's webpage.