Central Marin Regional Pathway Gap Closure Project

Project Description:
This project will include widening a class I multimodal pathway on Wornum Drive, installing a new class IV bike path on Nellen Avenue from Wornum Drive to Fifer Avenue, adding an enhanced crosswalk across Wornum Drive, and adding an enhanced crosswalk with a refuge island and Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons on Fifer Avenue. The new bike lane on Nellen Avenue will remove all street parking on the east side of the road from Wornum Drive to Fifer Avenue. The project will also include resurfacing Fifer Avenue and installing a micro-surfacing road treatment to Nellen Avenue and Wornum Drive to improve pavement surfaces. The goal of the project is to create safer infrastructure for pedestrians and bicyclists providing access to several major bike routes and pathways.

The project has spanned more than 12 years of planning efforts involving a wide range of stakeholders, including the Town of Corte Madera, City of Larkspur, Transportation Authority of Marin, Caltrans, Bay Trail, local citizens, advocacy groups (including Safe Routes to Schools and the Marin County Bicycle Coalition), and residents. The Gap sits at the nexus of five active transportation pathways and routes within a congested area that includes an interchange with Highway 101. These routes are routinely used for more than 1.6 million active transportation trips per year, and include pedestrian, bicyclist, and transit users.  

The Town was awarded an Active Transportation Program state grant for $1,500,000 for construction.

Status: Design

Project Type(s): Bicycle, Pedestrian, Pathway

Construction Schedule: Construction is anticipated to begin in summer 2024. 

If you have further questions regarding this project, please contact Chris Good at (415) 927-5794 or cgood@cortemadera.gov.

Nellen CS

Wornum CS

Updated Exhibit 05-2021