PG&E Community Gas Safety Project

The information below is being shared from PG&E and is information about future gas upgrades coming 2024 in Corte Madera (on Wornum Drive, Tamal Vista Blvd., Madera Blvd., Meadowsweet Dr., Casa Buena Dr., Paradise Dr., and Paloma Dr.)

Update as of 4/25/23:  This work has been postponed and is now planned for 2026. 

In light of these schedule changes by PG&E, Town staff is reviewing its capital improvement program workplan and will be considering adjusting our project schedules accordingly, however, this effort requires additional time and analysis. Town staff will provide updates once we have clearer direction on how best to proceed. 

**More information will be added as we approach the start of work.

PGE Project Deferred 2026The safety of our customers and the communities we serve is our most important responsibility. As part of that responsibility, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will perform a strength test on our underground natural gas pipeline. The strength test confirms the gas pipeline’s integrity and operating pressure. During this test, we empty then fill the pipeline with water and pressurize it to a level higher than normal operating pressure. We repair or replace sections of the pipeline that do not meet safety standards. During the test, you may see PG&E [and contractor] crews, vehicles, and equipment. Our work should not interrupt your gas service. We will contact you in advance if there are any changes. 

We will also be replacing sections of the natural gas pipeline in your neighborhood. We will excavate around the existing underground pipeline and install new pipe using industry recognized and proven techniques. During construction, you may see PG&E trucks and other heavy equipment.

During the project, crews may need to release natural gas from the pipeline. The industry term for this is “venting a pipeline.” As PG&E releases gas from the line, the smell of natural gas and the sound of venting may be noticeable. The natural gas released during venting will quickly dissipate into the atmosphere and will not be harmful. Customers in the area will be notified prior to any venting. PG&E encourages anyone who has concerns about natural gas odors in or around their home or business to call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. 

For more information about this project, email and use reference number 84010563. To learn more visit