Redwood Highway Sewer Rehabilitation Project

Project Description:

A small portion of the Sanitary District No. 2 (SD2) collection network lies outside of the jurisdictional boundaries of Corte Madera in areas such as, the City of Larkspur, Town of Tiburon, and unincorporated areas such as the Greenbrae Boardwalk. As a result, SD2 often has to react quickly to expedite improvements to our collection system as we are informed of projects by other agencies.

SD2 was informed in November that the City of Larkspur planned to resurface Redwood Highway as part of their 2022 paving plan. The District created this project to rehabilitate the sewer infrastructure in advance of the roadways being resurfaced to prevent costly future repairs which would require digging into the new asphalt.

This sanitary sewer project is designed to improve efficiency and operational integrity of the sewer collection system, reduce inflow & infiltration (I&I), reduce Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) risk, and reduce the need for frequent staff maintenance on the sewer system. The project will rehabilitate the sewer mains, lower private sewer laterals, and manholes on Redwood Highway from Wornum Avenue to Greenbrae Boardwalk in the City of Larkspur. The existing sewer mains consists mainly of vitrified clay pipe (VCP).

Project Status: Construction

Project Type(s): Sanitary Sewer

Construction Schedule: W.R. Forde Associates began construction on September 6th, 2022.  Preliminary Schedule is subject to change due to weather or construction delays. 

  • November 7-11:     Replace sewer main and lower laterals through curve in Redwood Highway near Marin Self Storage. Begin work from 2140 to 2094 Redwood Highway
  • November 14-18:    Continue sewer main and lower laterals from 2140 to 2094 Redwood Highway
  • November 21-23:     Replace sewer main and lower laterals between Rich Street and Industrial Way
  • November 24-25:     No work
  • November 28-Dec 2:    Replace sewer main and lower laterals between Rich Street and Bevmo. Complete punch list work and pavement restoration.
  • December 5-9: Replace sewer main and lower laterals on the south side of Redwood Highway between 2104 Redwood Highway and Rich Street.
  • December 12-16: Complete sewer main and manhole work in front of 2094 Redwood Highway and proceed with work between Rich Street and Industrial Way.
  • December 19-23: Replace sewer main and lower laterals between Industrial Way and Cost Plus Shopping Center.
  • December 26 to January 2: No work for Christmas and New Year Holidays.
  • Beyond January 2: Punch list work and final cleanup.

Please note that there may be traffic delays during working hours Monday through Friday 7am to 5pm. Some street parking may be temporarily removed for construction operations during working hours. We appreciate your patience during construction. If you have further questions regarding this work, please contact Chris Good at (415) 927-5794 or


When do I need to pressure test and/or replace my upper lateral?

Per the notification letter sent to all addresses that are part of the CIP project, home or business owners may not begin any work on their upper sewer lateral until the Sewer District’s project is complete (anticipated December 2022). Once the project is complete, the District will send a follow up letter to all residents giving 180 days to pressure test, and if necessary, replace their upper lateral.

I replaced my sewer lateral last year, am I still triggered by the sewer lateral ordinance?

If you replaced your entire sewer lateral within the last 3 years, you should have received a certificate of compliance which means you are exempt from Sewer Lateral Ordinance triggers including CIP projects. If you replaced all of or a portion of your lateral more than 3 years ago, you will still need to pressure test the lateral.

How do I know when work will take place in front of my home or business?

The contractor will install changeable message boards in the neighborhood when the project is about to begin showing the start date. They will also pass out door hangers 72 hours before work begins on a new street in the project and place “No Parking” signs where work will be taking place.

Will the contractor close my road so I will not have access to my home?

No, the contractor is required to keep access open to the neighborhood at all times with minor traffic delays. Emergency vehicles will always have access through the work site. On some streets they may have closures to through traffic and a detour, while on other streets with no alternate route, they will leave one lane of traffic open and have alternating traffic control.

Will I have access to my driveway during working hours?

The contractor will do their best to keep access open to all driveways during working hours Monday – Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm. There may be some points where they must work directly in front of a driveway and providing access will take some time. Please speak with the contractor’s staff to coordinate access to your home.

Will the contractor shut off my sewer service?

No, the contractor will knock on your door and request you do not use any appliances that use a lot of water before work begins, but your sewer service will not be completely shut off. Typically, the lower sewer lateral replacement takes one day.

Is there a list of contractors I can choose from for upper lateral work?

Yes, the Sanitary District No. 2 keeps a list of qualified contractors which can be found here: 

Where can I find more information on the 2018 Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance and available grants?

Information on the 2018 Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance can be found here: 

Information on the available sewer lateral grants and loans can be found here: 

More Private Sewer Lateral FAQ’s: 

22-201 Vicinity Map