2022 Road Resurfacing Project

In an ongoing effort to maintain the road network in Corte Madera, Public Works will be cape sealing and resurfacing various roadways on the east side of Town listed below. Work will include installing ADA curb ramps, improving drainage and making repairs to the storm system, replacing curb, gutter, and sidewalk, tree removal, installing new signage, refreshing striping, and other related work.

The Sanitary District No. 2 recently completed the 2021 Sewer Rehabilitation Project, which replaced sewer mains and lower laterals in Granada Park. The Town will now be resurfacing those roads as part of the 2022 Road Resurfacing Project.  

The project will include work on the following roads:

  • Creekside Ct
  • Diamond Head Psge
  • Ebbtide Psge
  • El Camino Dr
  • Endeavor Cv
  • Endeavor Dr
  • Estrada Ln
  • Foremast Cv
  • Granada Dr
  • Key Largo Course
  • Key Largo Cove
  • Lanyard Cv
  • Madera Del Presidio Dr
  • Meadow Creek Dr
  • Morning Star Crse
  • Paloma Dr
  • Parkview Cir
  • Prince Royal Dr
  • Seamast Psge
  • Sonora Way
  • Staghound Psge
  • Tradewind Psge
  • Vista Ct

This project is part of the Town’s Capital Improvement Program, which strives to rehabilitate the Sanitary District’s aging sewer infrastructure while also maintaining Town roadways. 

For residents living on roads not included in the 2021 Sewer Rehabilitation Project and that have not recently tested or replaced their sewer lateral in the last 3 years, we recommend hiring a plumber to check the sewer lateral and make sure it is in good condition and will last a minimum of 5 years. Once the road resurfacing project is complete, there will be a minimum five-year road moratorium to prolong the life of the new pavement surface. During the moratorium period, residents who request an encroachment permit to cut into the road during that time must demonstrate that the work is necessary and must pay for extensive pavement restoration in an effort to maintain the road’s structural integrity, which can be very expensive.

Be advised that Sanitary District #2 requires that a sewer lateral inspection, which could lead to sewer lateral repairs or replacement, be conducted under the following circumstances:

  1. When a property is sold or when a transfer in property title occurs
  2. When $50,000 in property improvements are performed over a cumulative three year period
  3. If there is a sewer overflow malfunction or public health risk at the property

The letter sent out to residents recommended completing sewer work by July 31, 2022, however due to the phasing of the road resurfacing project, residents will have extra time and should plan to finish sewer lateral repairs by September 2, 2022. The District will waive sewer and encroachment permit fees for property owners who are proactive in testing or replacing their sewer lateral prior to the upcoming capital improvement project.

Useful Links for Sewer Lateral Work

List of Pre-Qualified Sewer Contractors: https://www.townofcortemadera.org/DocumentCenter/View/3807/Pre-Qualified-Contractor-List-For-Public 

2018 Private Sewer Lateral Ordinance Information:

Available Grant Programs for Private Sewer Laterals:

Frequently Asked PSL Questions:

Project Status: Design 

Project Type(s): Roadway, Storm System, Pedestrian, Traffic

Construction Schedule:  Construction is anticipated to begin in early August 2022.  

If you have further questions regarding this project, please contact Chris Good at (415) 927-5794 or cgood@tcmmail.org.

2022 Paving Road Exhibit